It all started at the local farmers market, with a love of making bread and Danish pastries, Mavis was born!

As demand started to grow, the Hamilton and Cambridge Farmers markets became the perfect avenue to spread the good word. Hand crafted and made with love, Mavis goods soon became a sought after commodity for those with a craving for delicious treats just like Grandma used to make.

Mavis was a very clever woman who used to treat her grandchildren with an assortment of tasty treats, from three course breakfasts to delicious morning teas, lunches and afternoon sweets.

Initially Mavis rented kitchen space from a local church and then in June 2010. Due to a growing demand, the Mavis kitchen in Hamilton East was opened.

Known for keeping it simple and delicious and having a love for all things creative and beautiful, Mavis inspired her Granddaughter to emulate and recreate from those childhood memories. Having Mavis as a grandmother, Mavis & Co seemed the most obvious and fitting name.

It seemed the weekend fix of Mavis treats wasn’t enough for her customers and they started to demand that Mavis supply them during the week, so in June 2011 the Mavis & Co café in Hamilton East began.

With Mavis & Co well established, it was time to spread Mavis wings, Mavis Made to Order (MTO), Ground floor of Wintec House was created in 2013 to provide a fresh and vibrant setting with healthy food options (as well as the signature Mavis delights).
Years later, Mavis Lounge (Hamilton Airport) joined the family, drawing from both the original Mavis & Co and Made to Order, Mavis Lounge is a mix of vintage, retro and contemporary design.

Staying true to our small beginnings, you can still find Mavis at the Hamilton Farmers market on a Sunday morning, serving a delicious array of our signature sweets and pastries.