Breakfast – Finger Food

Available Monday to Friday


Croissants w Pesto, Brie & Tomato *bacon optional

Mini Bagels w Pesto Chicken/Dill & Smoked Salmon/ Bacon, Tomato & Brie

English Muffins w Creamy Egg, Bacon & Tomato

 Savoury Scrolls filled w Pesto Caramelised Onion

Hungarian Style Bread w Rocket Pesto Vine Ripened Tomato Feta

 Breakfast Tortilla w Creamy Egg, Bacon & Baby Spinach

Classic BLT w Bacon, Tomato & Brie

Berry Almond Friands

Muesli Pots w Berry Compote & Yoghurt

Pan Au Chocolat – Chocolate Pastries

Selection of Authentic Mavis Danish Pastries

Fresh Fruit Platter


* Tea / Coffee and Juice available on request


Morning & Afternoon Tea

Savoury Items

Savoury Muffins w brie & relish

Scones - Savoury Rocket / Caramelised Onion & Feta / Spring Onion & Potato Scones

Mini Housemade Pies

Mini Pork & Herb Sausage Roll

Open Savoury Pastry Pissaladiere w delicious savoury toppings

Savoury Tartlets w our moreish homemade pastry w various fillings

Sweet Items

Freshly Baked Muffins

Slices - a tantalising selection

CupcakesLemon / Chocolate / Orange Almond

Cookies – Original Chocolate Chip / Melting Moments

Petite Sweets - Housemade Truffles, Rocky Road, Mavis Fudge

Sweet Brioche w various fillings

Authentic Danish Pastries

Blueberry Scones w Whipped Vanilla Cream; Date Pistachio Honey

Fresh Mini Apple Doughnuts rolled in Cinnamon Sugar

French Almond Friands - Blueberry; Raspberry

Delightful Cinnamon Rolls w Vanilla Cream Icing




 Standard lunch includes 1 x sandwich item, 1 x savoury item, 1 x sweet and 1 x fruit per person  


Sandwich/Salad Items

  •  Bamboo Salad Boats – choose from our daily fresh salad selection 

  • Wholemeal rolls w our daily fresh fillings

  • Hoisin Chicken wrapped in spring onion pancake

Savoury Items

  • Rice Paper Rolls

  • Quiche

  •  Chicken/Beef/Vege Skewers


Sandwich/Salad Items

  •  Bamboo Salad Boats

  • Wholemeal Buns

  •  Focaccia Fingers w our daily fresh fillings

Savoury Items

  • Savoury Tartlets

  • Crispy Risotto Balls

  • Chicken/Beef/Vege Skewers


Sandwich/Salad Items

  •  Ham & Brie Croissant Pillows  

  • Wholemeal Rolls

  • Mini buttermilk buns w our daily fresh fillings

Savoury Items

  • Mini Savoury Scrolls

  • Mini Hoisin Chicken Wraps

  • Savoury Tartlets


Sandwich/Salad Items

  •  Focaccia Fingers  

  • Thai Chicken Ficelles

  • Ham & Brie Croissant Pillows

Savoury Items

  • Mini Pies

  • Mini Sausage Rolls

  • Quiche


Sandwich/Salad Items

  •  Salad Boats 

  •  Bagel buns w our daily fresh fillings

  •  Wholemeal Rolls

Savoury Items

  • Mini Sausage Rolls

  • Beef Crepe Rolls

  • Chicken/Beef/Vege Skewers


Sandwich/Salad Items

  • Hoisin Chicken Wraps

  • Mini Buttermilk buns

  • Thai Chicken Ficelles

  • Salad Boats 

Savoury Items

  • Hungarian Bread w our daily fresh fillings 

  • Mini Pies 

  • Mini Sausage Rolls 

  • Chicken/Beef/Vege Skewers

  •  Mini Scrolls 

* Sweets and Seasonal Fruit Kebabs available with every order.
* See morning and afternoon tea menu for sweets options.

 *Dietary requirements available upon request


Early evening entertainment – Canapés

Select a range of our delicious canapé options:

Hoison Chicken Wonton Cups w Cucumber Salsa 

Crispy Risotto Balls

Vege / Chicken / Beef Skewers

Rounds of Bruschetta w diced Vine Ripened Tomato & Balsamic Syrup

Salmon & Dill Bilini w Caper & Lemon

Thai Salmon Cakes w Herb Crème Fraiche

Beef Yorkshire Puddings w Creamy Mustard Horseradish Sauce

Seared Eyefillet Croute w Cress & Beetroot

Gingerbread w Blue Cheese & Walnut

Beef & Rocket Mustard Crepe

Shrimp, Shallot & Dill Asian Spoon

Seared Beef on Cucumber Slices topped w Horseradish Cream

Chicken / Beef Sliders


* Tea / Coffee / Juice / Wine / Beer available on request



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